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Our family vacations were all about discovery, every time we stopped somewhere we explored.  It was on these adventures that I first saw Stained Glass art.  I was fascinated!  I talked about how some day I would like to learn how to make things out of glass.  I talked about it so often, that for my birthday my friends gave me a few pieces of glass and some tools to get started.  I have always been intrigued on how things are made.   I like the challenge of figuring things out and since there were no classes available,  I simply set out on my own to learn! This is when I developed a real passion for
glass and art.  I realized it was a combination of textures, colors, shapes and light that all played a vital part in the beauty of a finished work of art.
I spent 18 years working in mechanical and architectural design. I incorporated much of the basic elements of layout and geometric design into my art today. I like to push the envelope on what I can do with glass: from decorative soldering to manipulating glass in the kiln.  I'm always in pursuit of funky, edgy, over-the-top, gallery quality pieces.  My art is definitely not your traditional stained glass!
Now, fortunately, my passion is also my vocation.  I teach a variety of glass art classes, as well as other mediums, and really love seeing other people turn on to the unique beauty of glass artistry.  I also create one of a kind custom windows, jewelry and 3-D art forms.
I'm a big believer in promoting the arts and participate in a variety shows and competitions.  I'm a charter member and president of the Texas Glass Artist Association.
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